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Lent me a dime
February 25, 2007, 11:24 pm
Filed under: Peeps, Praying with Barry White

First Sunday of Lent! It was snowing like mad at service time so no one was going to show, right? We had about 50 show up with a bunch of children to boot. I put a package of Peeps on the pulpit as decoration. The clearest sign of the Easter season is the resurrection of Peeps at my local Harris Teeter. I am sure that I can wring some theological meaning out of these sugary treats.

Okay so here is my list of spiritual practices for Lent.

1. Be the only person at the farmers market in February.
2. Sit in silence for 30 minutes every morning.
3. Dress up in a nice suit or dress and ride around the city in your car singing loudly.
4. Smile at someone that annoys you.
5. After smiling pray for that annoying person.
6. Go to an estate sale to legally rumage through someone’s possessions.
7. Buy a piece of bad artwork at a thriftstore.
8. Take the afternoon off to visit a museum.
9. Force yourself to talk with one person you do not know a week.
10. Dance and sing to Barry White’s “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love Babe” as a midday prayer.

What are your favorite Lenten practices?


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What to give up for Lent? A few years ago I resolved just to give up, but I failed at that as well. This year I will pray along with my old Prince albums; Prince goes well with (liturgical) purple.

Comment by Rev-D

Just a note (and I am so sure all your friends know this) you could never sit in silence for 5 minutes let alone 30. But good that you are trying too.

Comment by MB

We always open a package of Peeps on Ash Wednesday and they sit with the cellophane gaping for the 40+ days…letting in whatever blows through…dry air, humidity, etc. It is difficult, spiritual work not to consume the opened Peep. But our reward comes on Easter morning when we all eat one. It’s funny, we now prefer them stale. Does this mean our Lenten practice needs revision?

Comment by Janice

memories of lent from my days in catholic prep school. we gave up chocolate, tv, boys. we tried to give up homework but the nuns wouldn’t let us.

Comment by beth

Ah, dry, stale peeps…that is EXACTLY what I was coming in to comment on! They are the best. I have a friend who buys peeps and opens them (Easter-ish time) and doesn’t eat them until the following Easter. Now THAT’S dedication! But peeps on the altar is a great image. I’m going to meditate on that for a bit.

Having never been involved in a tradition that taught the Lenten season, I’ve never given anything up or developed a tradition of my own. I’m going to work on that, as well.

Comment by S

The only thing that is close to peeps in sheer glorious decadance are circus peanuts.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

I have NEVER been able to eat the circus peanut. My mother and brother delight in them. I am not sure they are even a foodstuff. And what color is that anyway? They really might be from another planet.

Comment by Janice

I think that they are straight synthetic byproducts.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

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