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Soup is Good Food
March 1, 2007, 5:04 am
Filed under: The Palisades Community Church

There is something gratifying to me about cooking. The three years that I was home with our daughter I loved buying produce from local farmers and making a meal from their bounty. For me chopping vegetables is an act of meditation.

The first thing that I noticed on touring the Palisades Community Church during my interview was the large kitchen off of memorial hall. When Carol asked me what I thought of the church I said, “If I become their pastor I will definitely use that kitchen!” I have been given quite a bit of freedom when it comes to the kitchen. We bake and cook every Monday. Everyone brings different recipes and we kneed, chop and stir up a variety of smells. Is there any better smell than loaves of bread baking? On mondays this smell fills up the hallways and makes me want to dance. I started bringing homemade soup to our baking group and that smell joined the bread. Our lively lunches together are as warm as the french bread.

Well, yesterday was the first community lunch sponsered by our little group. It was wildly successful! Thirty people came and ate the delicious soups and baskets of bread. We had the young and young at heart together. Kids ran around, some of us told stories and some parents got an opportunity to stop for a few minutes for a little pause. I am convinced that there are few places like a church in our busy societies. Where else can your children be around such a variety of generations? With parents and grandparents thousands of miles away how often do we make ourselves sit and listen to those whose lives have slown down enough to remember the past?

If you are ever in D.C. during the fourth tuesday of the month stop by and we will give you good food and even better conversation. There is always a place set at the table for a new friend.


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This very kind of things is what makes you Brian and reminds us all of why we love this crazy Merritt!

Comment by Georgia

Wish I could join you! But I am glad to see the church being used to bring the community together during the week.

Comment by Linda

The things that you do are well appreciated.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

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