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Foxes Book of Martyrs
March 4, 2007, 7:55 pm
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I have a lot of conversations with worried parents. We are worried about the video games, movies and television that our children watch. As we should be, there is a lot of violence, prejudice (Fox News) and innapropriate material that I would like to protect my child from for as long as possible.

Thinking about this made me wonder what I saw during my early years. Granted I was not allowed to see movies, we only had three stations on our black and white television while Donkey Kong technology was not yet advanced to the state it has reached today. Still I spent a lot of time in the library (which can be quite a dangerous place for the impressionable).

I attended Lincoln Christian School (The Crusaders) during my formative elementary years. There is one vivid memory that I carry of my 4th grade teacher telling us that her favorite book was Foxes Book of Martyrs. This 16th century book describes the persecution and death of Christians up to the Protestant revolution. We were told that this book was a blueprint that would give us strength when the Soviets took over the United States and persecuted the church. This persecution would usher in the rapture, end times and Jesus’ return. So, I immediately checked it out of my church’s library. For a little boy of 10 this book was extreme literature. I’m sure that my parents were just happy to see that I was reading a book. Yet, the torture and death recorded in its pages made me really scared. I didn’t know where Russia was on a map, but I was certain that if they would do these sort of things the Antichrist must lived there.

It makes me think that in the past even certain parts of the Bible had age restrictions.

Later I would be exposed to Chick tracts, A Thief in the Night film series and contemporary Christian music. Each carried its own trauma, but that is a story for a different day.


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it’s still required reading in seminary, you know.

Comment by beth

What class is it required for?

Comment by pastorofdisaster

It will do your children more harm than good to censor reality from them as long as you can. And as far as the library is concerned, God forbid kids actually get the chance to learn to think for themselves. What good will your children be able to do once they mature and turn out into society if they don’t know what the real world is like? How will they know about changing evil if they know no evil and have never had a chance to formulate an opinion about it? And how will they feel when they reach maturity and realize their parents never trusted them enough to tell the truth about what the world is like? What possible good can that do the world? And there should not be an age restriction on the Bible. Truth doesn’t pertain to adults only. Kids need to have parents with enough backbone to tell it like it is, giving them the freedom they need to become independent thinkers. They don’t need parents enforcing them to believe things or they’ll grow up wondering why they’ve never thought about anything else before. They’ll not be able to amply defend their faith to unbelievers. What a tragedy. All this has been my own experience. Thank God I’m not so dependent that I’ve accepted what everyone in the world has tried to shove down my throat.

Comment by Adelade

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