Shekinah Glory

It’s Superman!
March 7, 2007, 10:11 pm
Filed under: Christianity, Religion, Superman, The Palisades Community Church

I usually dress down for our Saints and Sinners bakery. After all why would I dress in a suit to make soup and bread? After very little deliberation this Monday I decided that I would wear blue jeans and my Superman t-shirt. My daughter picked out the shirt and for some reason it always puts me in a good mood to wear it around.

Since New Orleans style Red Beans and Rice was on the menu to have them cooked in time for lunch I would need to leave the church as soon as I arrived for the local Safeway. Cutting through our church’s hallway, to the back staircase, I came across our Polliwog Preschool class.

“Well, hello!” I bellowed in an overly enthusiastic tone.

“Hello pastor Brian!” a few responded as I walked amongst them toward the exit.

As I made it to the last couple of children one of the little girl’s eyes became as big as paper plates. Raising her hand she pointed to my t-shirt and exclaimed, “You are super!”

“That is the nicest thing anyone has said to me today,” I chuckled.

It turns out that children had been reporting Superman sightings all morning to their teacher. She had dismissed them until she ran into me in the hall.

“Oh, so you are Superman,” she said laughing.

Being mistaken for Superman is one of the secret benefits in being called to the ministry at the Palisades Community Church.


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