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Hot Burnin’ Cauldron of Funk
March 12, 2007, 10:47 pm
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Someone mentioned the posibility of obtaining a Chevy Malibu the other day and I was transported back to my first car. It was a blue 1971 Chevy Malibu that I purchased after many hours of work from my job cashiering at Super Saver grocery store. It was a whopping $500 dollars. What a wonderful machine and I really loved driving around in it with “Imperial Bedroom” by Elvis Costello playing in the tape deck (I barrowed this and much of my music from my friend Matt). I pinned a velvet tapestry of Elvis (Hawaiian period) to the ceiling so that it appeared like he was riding in the back seat. For some reason we thought that it was a good idea to name our cars. Mine had many names, but the one that I remember the most fondly was “Hot Burnin Cauldron of Funk.”

Slowly everything about the transmission failed and the cost of fixing it was more than the car was worth, but sometimes I wish I still had that sweet ride.

What was your first sweet ride?


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My dad had loaned someone some money. This was most likely to one of his unsavory drinking buddies.

The load was repaid with a 1958 Ford Thunderbird hardtop convertible.

This was in 1969, when I was a senior in high school. I promptly took it over. For one thing, it needed some work, and the school I went to had a good auto shop program–so I had to drive the car to school to deliver it to the shop. And the shop teacher loved this car too, and he made sure that everything was done perfectly.

This car was a gorgeous forest green with a mint green top., and the top of the car was pinstriped with the darker green color. The interior was black leather tuck-and-roll. It had only a stock AM radio (because FM radio was only coming into existence in the late ’60s), but this car had a spring-mounted 45 RPM record player mounted under the dash. I never saw another car with this particular feature.

Driving this car, I immediately became something other than the girl geek I had been until that time.

Of course, it required premium gas. The engine was a 352 cubic inch V-8 with 300 horsepower. Premium gasoline in Southern California at that time was about $.32-.35 a gallon (that would be thirty-two to thirty-five cents per gallon!). I’d pick up three of my friends, and we would empty the change from our pockets, go to the gas station and fill the tank, and take the car to the beach or just out cruising around.

We didn’t keep that car around for very long, and I don’t even remember what happened to it, but I loved it while we had it. I subsequently drove several other cars from the 1950s, and I still have a fantasy of winning the lottery and buying another car from that era–converting it to electric power, of course…

Comment by heysonnie

That does sound like a sweet ride.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

I learned to drive in gold ’59 Electra… chrome everything and a Wildcat 455. (Think two living room couches on a rocket with tailfins. There’s nothing I can’t parallel park.) I could make it the 33 miles from my driveway outside Fremont, Ohio to my girlfriend’s at the tip of Catawba Island in under 22 minutes if the Bay Twp Sheriff wasn’t hiding in the cattails south of Port Clinton. Rode smooth as silk and you could barely feel it shift. Of course gas was 28 cents a gallon.

Comment by firedancer

Almost forgot. That car didn’t actually have a name. But its replacement, a ’63 Old Super88, silver, power, blood red leather trim interior, still holds my heart. Alice. “Remember Alice?…There’s a song about Alice…You can get anything you want”…Ahhhhhhhhh

Comment by firedancer

I am truly jealous.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

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