Shekinah Glory

March 17, 2007, 5:22 pm
Filed under: Christianity, God, Grace, Jesus, Lent, Prayer, Protest, Religion, Spirituality

Last night I participated in the “Christian Peace Witness For Iraq” at the Washington National Cathedral. Afterwards there was a 3 1/2 mile march to the White House. As I sat in the balcony through the 90 minute worship service, walked through the slush and puddles down Mass. Avenue, sang horribly off key to “We Shall Overcome,” and held high my battery powered candle there was plenty of time to contemplate and reflect. There is something comforting about being in the midst of such a diversity of people who yearn for peace. I was engulfed by humanity and felt but a small spec in a sea of concern. That can be a comforting and alienating experience. Overall, it gives me hope that so many young and old are concerned about their fellow humans.

Yet, when I picked up this mornings Washington Post I felt even smaller. A worship service protesting the war in Iraq featuring some of the top religious leaders in the United States that concluded with committed acts of protest only made it to the Metro section of the local news. When the Post picked out the only member of the entire procession with a tattoo on his face to represent the march on its front page’s picture it made me wonder. Yet, I can not be too upset that he was seen as a religious representative for peace. I am just jealous that I do not have such a cool tattoo. I am sure that Jesus would have been hanging around the band and not with me in my clergy shirt.


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