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Old Time Blogger Revival
March 26, 2007, 9:29 pm
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Can I hear you say Jesus! Hallelujah! Can’t you just feel the sweet, sweet presence of God surrounding you? I want you to close your eyes and imagine something along with me today. What if you died tonight and met your maker? Would your life have been filled with dread of the future, would you obsessively regret your transgressions, would you spend your time worrying about the morality of others or have you been able to live in the present moment, caring for yourself and others? Praise God! The organ is going to play “Jesus Loves me.” Won’t you make a decision today to quit worrying about the afterlife and other people’s shortcomings? Bow your heads taking in a deep breath and exhaling the meditation, “I am God’s beloved child in whom God is well pleased.” If you have just said those words along with with me you are now on a gloriously positive spiritual journey. Remember to “love one another,” and that includes loving yourself. Let’s all give God a round of applause.


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Great stuff, PD. I don’t spend a lot of time worried about the afterlife because I know that Jesus has got that and me all taken care of . . . frees me to focus on the stuff about today . . .

Comment by j4jesus

Thanks. I have appreciated your kind words. I wanted to say something positive because I am just getting better from a bad cold.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

This made me laugh! Very great sense of humor. I’ve discovered some blog sites that seem interested in some of the same things I’m interested in, so I’ll enjoy lurking and…maybe…posting from time to time. I’m glad to see you have a Peeps category…on my way to check it out!

Comment by S

Peeps are essential to my faith! Welcome.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

I love the “I am God’s beloved child in whom God is well pleased” part. I’m beginning to think something like that should be said before taking communion. That’s really in the spirit of Jesus’ teachings!

Comment by heartyheretic

Actually, I stole that from Chris Glaser, who stole it from God. I’m sure that God will steal it back. Chris had a huge influence on me reorienting my faith. Im not sure how much you can get from his website but it is

Comment by pastorofdisaster

HH, like that idea about “I am God’s beloved child in whom he is well pleased” before communion. Think I’ll use that sometime. And I totally agree: that is definately in the spirit of Jesus’ teachings.

Comment by j4jesus

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