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Thou Shalt Take Vacation Time
March 28, 2007, 12:15 pm
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We have been planning our summer vacation the last couple of days. Shall we go to the Grand Canyon, return to Rhode Island or go to Mexico? My daughter gave a big hint toward Disneyland. It made me think of how many options for vacations that we have that were never available in my childhood. Going to Disney seemed as exotic as visiting Borneo on vacation. Now it is a cheap flight away. My family most often took local vacations involving a relative, tent, state park or a real estate pitch. I was taught that taking a vacation was a very good thing.

I was running through a list of vacations from my childhood. They were:

Camping in my great uncle’s front yard.
Every cemetary in western Nebraska
Ponca State Park
Fort Robinson State Park
Chadron State Park
The Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer
The Neihardt Center
Rose O’neill Kewpie Doll Museum
The House on the Rock
School of the Ozark’s cafeteria (with the Beverly Hillbillies’ car in the foyer)
Museum of Farm Oddities
Wall Drug store
The Corn Palace
Christ of the Ozarks
Baldknobbers Jamboree
Shepherd of the Hills
Silver Dollar City
John Brown’s cave
Mt. Rushmore
Gator wrestling and Snake pit
The Nebraska State Fair
Scott City, Kansas
Dodge City, Kansas (the set from Gunsmoke)
Nebraskaland Days
The shop where my grandfather restored old threshers

I just went into a nostalgia haze. My wife, who never got any family vacations, is so envious.

Have you ever noticed how often Jesus rests, sits on a lakeshore, retreats or walks away in the Bible? It sounds like he was a person that would have taken all of his vacation time. I hope that you have wonderful vacation plans for the summer.

Beverly Hillbillies


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Isn’t that amazing…especially for those of us in ministry. It seems very very hard to take that time off. But you’re right–Jesus did it. He spent lots of time modeling rest for us. Why have we made our life such a race?

Our family vacations were very similar, but based around my parents’ work–judging horse shows. If they got a good job somewhere judging together, we were off to exotic destinations like Logan, Utah, and Marfa, Texas! But the fun part was what we could discover along the way.

Comment by cometothewell

I’m pretty sure that anyplace can be interesting if I know how to look. Believe it or not I have always wanted to visit Marfa, Texas. I went to seminary in Austin.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

The Corn Palace? You must say more.

Comment by Janice

The corn palace is a magical place Mitchel, South Dakota. It is a convention center where each year the exterior is decorated with elaborate scenes made out of corn. You can find out much more at

Comment by pastorofdisaster

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