Shekinah Glory

Writing Out of a Paper Bag or Lenten Practice #13
March 30, 2007, 1:51 pm
Filed under: Christianity, Jesus, Lent, Poetry, Religion, Spirituality, thoughts

Up until now I have been hesitant to submit my own poetry onto this blog. Why would that be? Fear! In my mind I am sure that my poetry writing is a great hobby, but that its value as writing is marginal at best. I read other poets and all my writing seems terribly flawed and B movie. Even though I have taken poetry workshops with great poets, creativity seminars and written hundreds of poems I am still stunted by fear.

Well, I refuse to be ruled by my fears. Plus, I am told this is unhealthy both psychologically and spiritually. So, I will begin to inflict…I mean post some of my poetry on Shekinah Glory. This will begin a creative Lenten practice that I can continue well after resurrection. If you like it, great; if not, that’s also fine. So, here it goes…..

You elegantly change,
ever so slightly.
Almost missing
a beautiful canopy
gathered like a shawl
I mumble dumbstruck,
caught again gawking
in reverant wonder,
hoping this brilliance
blinds me forever.


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