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Why Jesus Likes Liberals
April 2, 2007, 4:48 pm
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This is a couple of silly lists that I have been thinking over. My college sunday school teacher, Philip Yancey, once made a list of all the things he cherished from his fundamentalist childhood. It made a huge impression on me as I was leaving that world. Having been in both camps I wanted to think about what Jesus might like about each group.

Why Jesus Likes Liberals

1. We crave peace from war and a world filled with love.
2. We know that even Jesus didn’t read the Bible literally.
3. We believe that Jesus’ teachings are important to our salvation.
4. We know that Jesus said “Blessed are the poor” not “Blessed are those who prosper.”
5. We see torture as eerily reminiscent of something we once read in the gospels.
6. We know that unity is not merely something encouraged by team leaders at Wal Mart.
7. We are pretty sure that when the early church shared their possessions it wasn’t at 17% interest.
8. We wonder what the woman caught in the very act of adultery thinks about sexual purity.
9. We imagine those many mansions in heaven are also occupied by devout Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists.
10. We value inclusivity so much that we might even include those who think we will burn in hell.

Why Jesus Likes Evangelicals

1. They actually read the Bible.
2. They really worry about liberals spending eternity in hell.
3. There is always room at the altar.
4. They tell good stories (testimony).
5. They will actually pray for you if asked.
6. They aren’t afraid to have a faith filled with emotions.
7. They constantly try to examine their lives.
8. They aren’t afraid of change (exept when it comes to their beliefs).
9. They are much smarter than people give them credit.
10. They sometimes have a freedom from doubt that most people crave.


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Great lists. Think I’ll print them and keep them around somewhere! Also enjoyed looking at some of the poetry.

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Comment by pastorofdisaster

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