Shekinah Glory

Oh God

I couldn’t resist posting the companion to the poem “To God.” I think that they are both good for me to ponder this week.

Oh God

Everywhere only brief sleep,
In man, in greenery, in the cup of the winds.
Everyone returns home to his dead heart.

-I wish the world was still a child-
And could tell me about the first breath.

Once there was a great godliness in the sky,
The stars gave each other the bible to read.
If I could once touch the hand of God
Or see the moon on his finger.

Oh God, oh God, how far I am from you!

Else Lasker-Schuler


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Interesting that this person felt so far from God, when God was always there, within.

Comment by tobeme

What I love about her poem is her deep yearning. I do think that she represents perfectly the struggle of someone desiring a sight into the glory of divinity in a spectacular sighting. There is something strangely comforting to me about reading a poem about a spiritual struggle and recognizing that experience as part of my own. I am glad not to be there with her or in that place today.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

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