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April 11, 2007, 12:41 am
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Someone out there is in pain, someone is suffering from low assets. I feel that someone has too high of interest rates, someone is thinking about lying on their taxes, someone needs a second Lexus, someone out there has hidden a copy of The Economist under their mattress. Ye must be heeeald! Can I hear an Amen? Do you want the blessing? Do you want the annointing? Do you need the presence of a good accountant? I want you to place your hand in mine on your computer screen.


I shout to get behind us demon of the second mortgage, get behind us the minnions of creditors, be gone student loan debt, be gone!! Don’t you feel the presence? It is surging from my hand, through my computer, over the internet, onto your screen, into your hand, through your body and into your wallet. Can’t you feel the filling?


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Dear POD, I can feel it! I can feel it! And my wallet feels it too! And we all want to thank you for holding this special healing service for us. However, I do have a question for your considereation. For his 26th birthday, my pragmatist son asked for a subscription to The Economist. Is this something I should worry about? Is his soul in jeopardy? Which is worse, reading it or just hiding it under your mattress? Please respond so I will know whether to stop worrying or get him the help he needs.
Hope to talk to you soon, Beth

Comment by revsentell

If you are going to sin, sin boldly, so that grace may abound!

Comment by pastorofdisaster

LOL 🙂 Oy vez…can I tell you how many hours I’ve sat “under the annointing” listing to preaching very similar to this??? I used to just want to roll my eyes and shake people – always asking for ‘demons’ of debt, lust, ect., a to be cast out of them when what they really were asking for was a quick fix. Much easier to blame a demon than one’s own lack of willpower, stewardship and..well.. appetite 🙂

Comment by Grace


Those are hours that I would like back. Those “demons” always seem to work toward someone’s advantage in the end, it just was never quite mine.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

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