Shekinah Glory

Double Dutch
April 15, 2007, 2:15 am
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The other day I was going through my old poems and I came across this one. I was delighted to find it because it reminded me of my time working in Cabrini Green while attending Moody Bible Institute. This poem was written much later.

Double Dutch

In the shadows of high rises
named for Saint Cabrini
plastic strung together on rope
brushes against a concrete walkway.
Girls in red beaded ponytails
grip tightly a rope’s end.
Two arcs loop toward each other
whirring in the air
until their blur hurts your eyes.
Boys act indifferent,
slinking arched bodies,
and hanging their heads
like they could bob off.
Suddenly they jump to the middle
and everyone chants
“…turn around…
touch the ground…”
ending on the count
don’t be late.”
until the rope
curls around an ankle.
Laughter all around
and then the ropes
make their rounds again.


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I much of Cabrini Green has been replaced with townhomes and the like. This poem reminds me of walking through CB as an 18 year old freshman. One of our former teachers lives on a street close to CB we may have not walked down 88-92.

Comment by Jesse Quam

On my way back through Chicago recently I looked out over what used to be Cabrini. I knew most of it was gone, but it was still a shock to see.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

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