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Women at Art
June 8, 2007, 6:14 pm
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Today my wife and I visited the National Museum of Women in the Art here in D.C. I think that we both left a bit disappointed. It was quite heavy on Western Anglo art. We missed the diversity in the midst of the supposed diversity. In a city that has such a great diverse population it seems that there should be a larger percentage of women of color in the exhibition space. I guess that is some of their criticism of modern white feminism.

I have to admit the works that almost brought me to tears were done in the Children’s gallery. One in particular caught my attention. It was a chess board with handmade pieces. Around the edges were phrases about the artist’s father. They said things like, “My father’s name is DAVID,” “My father’s mother taught him how to play,” “My father is from El Salvador.”

My wife whispered, “I’ll bet his father cried.”

I already had a tear in my eyes, it was so beautiful.


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The chess set sounds wonderful, so much love!

Comment by tobeme

It was an early Father’s day gift.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

Evening Brian!

Ok…I stopped by last night…and I saw a template change…and then I stopped by just now…and saw this one!

Your getting to be like me!

Isn’t it FUN to change things though?

I LIKE this one too. Actually I thought about this one for myself when I was changing to the one I have now!

Anyway….great post Brian!

I love when people share a simple, quiet yet powerful moment in their lives.

In the quietness….one can hear the “volume” of the gift.

You always speak “volumes” in your posts Brian…thank you!

Be well,

Comment by ron

I didn’t know that particular museum even existed.

Comment by totaltransformation


You are always so encouraging.


Yes there is such a museum, but it is not a Smithsonian. So, you have to pay for

Comment by pastorofdisaster


The first change ate up my blogroll. It aint easy being green.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

Hey 🙂 You’re gone GREEN! Go, Pastor! LOL

It’s amazing, the power of that children have to move us, isn’t it??? I’m using their example to entertain my own Inner Child while I paint! They’re just so expressive and – if their little light’s haven’t been snuffed into conformity yet – are so original and creative…Coloring Outside The Lines, purple dogs and all that!

Comment by Grace

I help at my daughter’s kindergarden. The kids are always teaching me about creativity.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

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