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June 14, 2007, 9:50 pm
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Today my wife and I decided to meet up at the local 5 Guys for a burger and fries. I am absolutely batty for their freshly ground burgers and handcut fries. As I sat there I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by an annoying sound. It was a song by Billy Idol. In quick sequence there transitioned hit after hit from the 80’s. John Cougar, Missing Persons, INXS all played and the hits kept coming. They were just loud enough to destract from our conversation. Each contributed to one of the reasons that I skipped my senior prom (after all I didn’t need to hear Bon Jovi in a gymnasium filled with taffeta when our marching band was playing Livin’ On A Prayer at every required “pep” rally).

After we were done eating I fled to the peaceful white noise of our urban existence. Walking down the street the cool breeze mingled with the whirring sound of one way traffic on Wilson Avenue. My car was parked in one of this world’s many Generimalls. It just so happened that my wife was parked in the same lot. Meeting her at the Apple Store we wandered to a black bench next to concrete entombed shrubbery. We talked until I noticed that the very same Billy Idol song from 5 Guys was permiating the air.

Hidden, like a CIA device amongst the shrubbery was a speaker pumping more hits of the 80’s. I really tried to concentrate, but Donna Summers was working too hard to be denied and blurted out, “So, honey, what is your favorite Donna Summers song?”

A blank stare and a mumbled response were all I recieved. Against my will I began to repeat the chorus “Waohh it’s magic.”

“Are you listening to me?” she said. My wife already knew the answer to this question.

We both fled to the silence of our cars. As I used one hand on the steering wheel to turn the tight corners with with the other I was fumbling to turn on the radio. A recent addition to the D.C. airwaves was the first thing on the dial and I was content to veg to its content. That was until my numbed mind realized I was singing along to a The Fixx song.

“Red Skies at Night” I belted out before realizing the woman in the car next to me was shaking her head.

Retreating to my home I plopped into by overstuffed blue chair and turned on my laptop. Finally, I was in control of the sounds which surrounded me. This would be the perfect opportunity to work on my blog. Maybe I could jumpstart my creative process by listening to some inspiring music. With a few clicks my computer was playing my newest Compact disc: “R.E.M. The Best of the I.R.S. Years.” Ahh at least I had escaped all that silly nostalgia.


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Aahh…lunch at the generimall with an 80s soundtrack…now that’s a date!

Thanks for the lovely afternoon!

Comment by tribalchurch

It was great being able to spend time with you during this crazy week.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

Donna Summers is actually a pretty interesting human being. But I’m sure you know that. And just cause I know you’re curious, my favorite DS song is On the Radio-o-o-o-o-o.

Comment by Janice

For me its all about, “Love to Love You Baby Pt 1 and Pt 2” That is truly a prayer to a loving God.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

But at least you never went through a Glen Campbell phase in junior high. I am only able to admit this now that I am in my fifties.

“I know I”ll never meet another hunka woman like my Ann
Oh she makes me feel
Like a great big man.
I’m gonna go tell her daddy what I think about her say thank you man
For givin’ me
Yer daughter Ann”

Actually, I thought that one was a hoot even when I was thirteen.

“Galveston” was what got me hooked. Still sort of like it I have to admit. But it was all downhill from there…

Comment by Paul Martin

Clarendon? Went to that Apple store last Saturday 🙂

Comment by agnosticatheist


My father was a lineman for the county. I grew up in Nebraska, country music was impossible to ignore. Thanks for the comment.


My wife has weekly sessions there at the genius bar. I think that I will tag along one of these times.


Comment by pastorofdisaster

Hey Brian!

What a great little “slice of life” this is!!!!

I discovered “5 Guys” in Philly about 5 months ago and like yourself…have become “batty”.

(do you think they could get the music ANY louder????)

I only allow myself a once a month “freak out”.

To me…it is a “religious experience”.

I can’t even talk (probably because I can’t stuff the french fries in FAST enough).

I just went there last week with two friends of mine and barely spoke a word execpt…ughfmmm!@?

Donna Summers…..I was in Border’s last month listening to one of her highlighted “Gold Albums”. I looked like an idiot, snap’in my fingers and moving my feet (but that’s Philly).

Maybe I should try eating a 5 Guys burger, while LISTENING to Donna Summers.

Major indigestion….but HEAVENLY!

Anyway, thanks for a FUN post….down memory lane!

Have a GREAT Father’s Day tomorrow!

Take care Brian,


Comment by ron


Happy Father’s day to you also. Everyone should celebrate on those type of holidays. I think that the common thread with my readers is Donna Summers.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

hehe…this post made me giggle. I absolutely abhor “classic rock” – which for me is anything pre 2000! I just want to smack people and say, “You’ve been listening to this stuff for over 40 years! Get over it!” LOL Give me some Killers or Brandi Carlisle, Nelly Furtado or Pink 😉

Well, I should qualify that. I love the blues, and you can’t get any better than a little Billy Holiday or Buddy Guy.

Comment by Grace

My ipod is filled with a mess of music. So, it is fun to put it on shuffle and hear what comes out.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

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