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July 1, 2007, 12:41 pm
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It is definitely summer and that was made abundantly clear to me when I found myself in a bathing suit, wading and bobbing in a wave pool at Paramount’s Theme park King’s Dominion with my wife and daughter. After the 75-mile drive we had decided to ease ourselves into our day by hitting the water park first. This is why I found myself consciously loathing the doughnuts that I had eaten for breakfast as I compared my body with those of a much more youthful set.

“Awesome,” was Calla’s exclamation when she saw all the water rides that surrounded the pool. It wasn’t long after putting on my suit that we were lugging an inner tube up a concrete set of stairs.

As our inner tube began its watery descent our laughter turned to terror when it felt like the fiberglass pipe underneath us seemed for a split second to disappear. Hurling forward my laughter was replaced with sheer terror. I was looking straight into the face of my 6 year old and we were both screaming. Hers were squeals of glee and mine were frightened cries of protection.

“Make sure you don’t let go,” I yelled, but the roaring water that surrounding us drowned my voice out.

There were many more slides and pools to be explored before we decided to put our swim suits in the locker and venture out into the rest of the park. We had not walked 100 feet before we stood in front of a ride of imposing proportions. It was relatively simply named DROP ZONE Stunt Tower. Secured tightly to a simple chair the rider faces outward as they are lifted 305 feet up a tower. When it stops at the top it hesitates a few seconds before plunging its 272-foot descent at 72 miles-per-hour! It turns out that this is the largest drop ride in North America, a ride that simulates the sensation of skydiving.

I will never know what possessed me to turn to my daughter and ask, “Do you want to go on that one?”

No sooner had she said yes than I was harnessed to a seat. In the moments that I sat waiting for the workers to check all of our straps and seat belts I began to worry. Fear ran through my mind.

“What are you doing on this? What if something happens to Calla? I am going to have a heart attack and she will be left without a father! What would possess me to strap myself to this ride?”

Before I knew it my feet were dangling 305 feet above Virginia. I could feel the worry and fear turn to sheer panic when we came to a complete stop and there was an eerie silence. My heart was racing so fast it felt like it was going to leap right out of my chest.

Then we dropped.

Although I have always wanted to experience weightlessness, the drop was quite terrifying. I screamed like I have never screamed before as I was given the feeling of a free fall. It was only a few seconds, but in those few seconds I had a physical representation of unencumbered freedom.

As I left the ride I could feel my whole body trembling from the fear that falling from such a distance had shaken me to my core.

It was a type of freedom that I seldom encounter, but a type of freedom none-the-less.

What exactly is freedom? Freedom is something that we hear a lot about in speeches by our current President when he is talking about the mess in Iraq. Yet, when I read through a few of these speeches there was no real definition of the term, just an unshaken conviction that we are bringing it to the Iraqi public. This week we celebrate our independence, it is an independence that has brought us as citizens an unprecedented amount of freedoms. It is no mystery that the freedom that Christ has for us is also the focus of our passage from Paul to the Galatians this morning. So, what is freedom? Simply put, true freedom is life unhindered from any type of restriction.

The English root for the word freedom is “to love.” This is an appropriate thought when we survey freedom from the perspective of Paul. As disciples Christ has set us free for unfettered freedom. This means that there are no longer any rules, laws or restrictions that consume us in our Spirit filled life. Much like my freefall this is a terrifying proposition for those of us who want the safety net of morals, ethics and manners. Yet, Paul exhorts us to live in this freedom and not resubmit to the yoke of slavery. It is a sort of spirit led anarchism that makes most of us who are rule of law democrats queasy. Still it is the freedom that we are made to live in.

So, is everything permissible to me? In a word yes, but Paul reminds us that not everything will be beneficial. Our freedom is best enjoyed when it falls within the parameters of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. It is when we live with this spirit that we are truly enjoying the fullness of freedom.

I would be remiss if I neglected to point out that sometimes the political realities of bringing or preserving freedom in a political arena can sometimes come into conflict with our understanding of the freedom brought by a life lived in the fruits of the spirit. When our government resorts to torture, for even a noble end, we are forced to strongly appose such tactics as opposite the Spirit of Christ. We cannot simply ignore the human rights violations condoned by our own government in the War on Terror. To do so would be to resubmit ourselves to slavery. Anytime there is a competition between the defense of freedom for our country and the freedom that we must practice as followers of Christ, we must always be people of Christ first.

Still, our freedom as humans following Christ is bigger than any freedom a government can bestow upon us. It frees us from the bondage of sin and loneliness. This freedom reconnects us to our fellow humans and creation in a way that has been marred and alienated. It moves us to create something new, permanent and liberating so that everyone around us can experience the wonderful freedom that we have found in Christ. I hope that you are able to experience that freedom without fear. I also hope that you are able to celebrate our great freedoms this Fourth of July. We truly are blessed to live in such a great country.


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Afternoon Brian~

Ok…I just want you to know, that both palms of my hands are dripping in sweat!!!!! GREAT description of that experience….I WAS THERE WITH YOU!!!

I don’t know HOW you did that free-fall drop thing Brian….(praise little BABY JESUS)!

I’ve taken many chances with my life…however, “free-falling” is not one of them!!!

Thank you for your honesty in how frightened you were (cause I would be TOO)!

What an adrenaline RUSH!@#!%#$!

And thank you for the wonderful reminder about FREEDOM…that was beautiful!

Have a “firecracker 4th” for you and your family!

Be well,

Comment by ron

I screamed, not because I wanted to, but because of the sheer terror of the moment.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

I think the freedom of which you speak is often achieved by being able to work past our fears, fears of uncertanity, fears of rejection, fears of ridicule. Working through our fears can bring amazing freedoms!

Comment by tobeme


Thanks for the comment. I took some time to think about what you said. A friend told me that I don’t always have to respond with the first things that come to my mind and I think that is wise. Fear is so central to many of the reasons that hold us in bondage. Have an enjoyable holiday!

Comment by pastorofdisaster

“I have a choice!” In those four words rests the definition of our freedoms. Thomas Jefferson understood clearly those four words and expressed them as six “In the course of human events…” I am always somewhat torn when people use the phrase “fighting for our freedom” On one hand, I do not want another to make MY life difficult by imposing their wanting to be happier than me and those around. And, willfully they ask of me to be somewhat the pawn for accomplishing such. I have a choice….join them in their nightmare or refuse to believe in the nightmare completely. The best example of this is the decisions we made collectively as a government with our involement in Iraq. One man, Ben Laden believed in a nightmare…others followed a plane into buildings and a field…..and a whole army into war. The debate over such choices will go on forever…BUT, I have a choice…I can live my life with a belief I can to make real my greatness with four words like “I have a dream!” Or I can live my life believing in my inability to create such because I am flawed by saying “I am a sinner!”

Comment by angllhugnu2

oh my gosh, those rides scare the pee out of me! i dont even ride them any more after the Las vegas, new york new york coaster. Which i had to sit and put my head between my legs afterwards.
when my hubby and son go on rides, i just stand there and PRAY!
”So, what is freedom? Simply put, true freedom is life unhindered from any type of restriction. The English root for the word freedom is “to love.” ”
being free is to truly love ~ all.

Comment by krislinatin

I made a vow to never go on those rides again. it was truly terrifying.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

i think as a mom what’s more scary is watching someone you love on them. i’m thinking, should i be on the ride and die with them or let them die without me holding them.
my son used to laugh at me, becuz ‘when’ i rode the coasters with him, i would put my arm around the front of him, to protect him. 🙂 enjoy the day. kristina

Comment by krislinatin


Good point, but I think I might be too scared to get back on the ride again. I wish I could say that my daughter is too scared.


Comment by pastorofdisaster

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