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God Utters Me Like a Word

God utters me like a word containing a partial thought of himself. A word will never be able to comprehend the voice that utters it. But if I am true to the concept that God utters in me, if I am true to the thought in him I was meant to embody, I shall be full of his actuality and find him everywhere in myself and find myself nowhere. I shall be lost in him.

Thomas Merton


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Amazingly enough, “losing myself” in God is what I recently asked for. It happened at a moment of breaking, in a surrender moment unlike I’ve had in awhile. Only now, I am far less clear about Who – or What – I am surrendering to. Pastor, how does one “unknow” what they know, to find the simple pure faith they once enjoyed? My only answer thus far is in the act of surrendering myself to God, I must also surrender all that I think I know about God, in order to be reborn once again.

Comment by Annonymous

I will not unknow what I now know. Believe me, I wish I could. Sometimes I want to lose my “self” in God, but being human is what God wants of me. It is only in my humanity that I can know God. Losing our humanity to a diety is not required for spiritual growth. As a matter of fact I think being fully human is a requirement of knowing the divine.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

Thanks for the comment.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

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