Shekinah Glory

Prayer From Isolation

This prayer was written at a silent retreat while I was dealing with some pretty intense emotions. The retreat was quite an important step in my life.

Holy One,

You have served me
a meal of grief
whose constant grit
does not resemble
the sweet honey
of baked manna
nor the juicy
breast of a quail.
Yes, my desert has run dry,
my wadi is parched
by your relenting sun.
I am filled with loss.
I am left broken,
unsure of my emotions.
From sadness to indifference I run.
I look to them for nourishment,
but in them I can find none.
In my despair
where will I find you?
Are you in the dragon fly,
the blue bird eating a fig,
are you amongst these
crushing mountains?
Like the fog,
which befuddles my view
my path is strange
and alien to me.
Am I to plunge
over steep precipices
and trust in your arms
or is my inching, frightened walk
sufficient for now?
I have traded in fear,
anxiety has been my commodity.
This is the way it
has been from the start.
I have felt crushed
by expectations
that are not divine.

In those fleeting seconds
that I know your Spirit
there is a scarcity of words.
Yet, I do not tremble.
It is in a steady hand
and an upright gait
that I know you are with me.

Bring me again to the feast of mercy,
even if it is in dust that I make my table
and my only meal is dried seed.
I will glory again in your grace
that is greater than my pain.




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Beautiful. You’re quite a psalmist.

I’m glad the retreat was meaningful.

Comment by tribalchurch


Your humble and honest expression here…has brought me to tears – because I too have felt (and continue to feel) these same things.

It seems that the closer I move to God, and the more my love for Him grows…the darker things seem to get for me…and this is because my faith in Him is growing stronger.

My uncertainty, doubt, fear, and total confusion…is my constant reminder, that I am a weak human being…in need of a God.

It’s in the darkness…that God is able to take my trembling hand and lead me.

And this is when my “sight” is returned.

I too only get “fleeting seconds” of God’s spirit. And when I do…they are the most magnificent fleeting seconds…that make walking through the darkness…beyond “worth it.”

You are loved Brian…and you will always be taken by the hand!

So glad your back~

Be well my friend,

Comment by ron

so touching.

Comment by damewiggy

Thanks for all the uplifting comments.


Comment by pastorofdisaster

Very powerful!

Comment by tobeme

Ok Brian~

Your not going to believe this…but on one of the “past incarnations” of my blog…I actually chose this SAME header that you have…too funny!

And I’m also contemplating changing templates again…dare I???

(I think I’d rather eat glass)

WordPress does not make it easy for us!?!?

Anyway…like the new look!


Comment by ron


I am constitutionally opposed to change, that is why I think it is a good thing.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

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