Shekinah Glory

Nashville, Big Sur, San Francisco…Oh My!

As you may or may not know I have spent a couple of weeks at a conference in Nashville, at a silent retreat in Big Sur and a night with a street priest in San Francisco. Instead of boring you with all the details, I will submit to you my favorite highlights. These are in no particular order.

1. Watching the Big Sur sunset at 1300 ft.
2. Chanting Lauds and Vespers with the cloistered monks.
3. Meeting Jose and praying for him.
4. Handing out food to prostitutes and the homeless in a SF alley.
5. Walking Grace Cathedral’s labyrinth at 2:00 a.m.
6. Hiking in the mountains.
7. Reading and writing prayers and poetry.
8. Exploring my interior.
9. Swimming in the Sheraton pool with my daughter.
10. Reading the Bible.
11. Finding a cross on the side of the road filled with pine cones.
12. Planning for 3 months worth of sermons.
13. Realizing how much of my life is filled with anxiety and fear.
14. Praying and meditating alone in the monastery chapel.
15. Eating food prepared by monks in my private room.
16. Standing in my room’s garden and looking over the Pacific Ocean.
17. Attempting to honestly feel my emotions.
18. Knowing that there is something greater than myself.
19. Listening to preaching by a Catholic monk, a Southern Baptist minister and a Community Church pastor.
20. Hanging out with people I love in the Community Church movement.
21. Seeing my best friend and his lovely daughter.
22. Feeling challenged and renewed.
23. Buying a Hatch print in Nashville.
24. Spending a couple of hours in Montreat.
25. Visiting the Henry Miller library.
26. Driving a winding and beautiful highway.
27. Talking with Fr. Rivers.

Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts during this time. I am on vacation the rest of the month. So, I will post irregularly.


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Sounds like a great time. Continue to enjoy your vacation!

Comment by tobeme

What a picture, it looks like you have perfect weather. I pray that you have a good, safe and refreshing vacation.

Comment by Marc

awesome. really.


i know you will.

Comment by damewiggy

Hey Brian…just catching up (yes, Miss Shekinah, we LOVE you). Big Sur is simply the BEST! Here’s my version of it–
Warm blessings as always,

Comment by myinneredge

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