Shekinah Glory

Prayer For the End of Time

Though in every paranoid corner
we may see an antichrist,
though in each waning moment
we may believe that our world
is coming to a cataclysmic demise,
though we may look for armies
descending from the sky
with our arms raised in expectation
of floating to paradise
it is still today,
it is still this moment
in which time is present.

Only in this moment
you exist,
so I will live in this moment.



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i agree with you that many get too focused and become obsessed with eschatological theories, etc. but, i think, if we have a healthy view of the “end times”, then we would do well.

what i mean by this, is not a focus on “antichrist” or whatever, but “being ready”. Christ admonishes us to “be ready”. this is the point. we MUST be living our lives today, here and now, not tomorrow.

so you are right, we MUST live in the moment, but remembering the future.


Comment by PB and J

Thank you for the comment. Even though I am not a dispensationalist I think that you make an excellent point (one that is terribly hard for me to practice). Being ready is not an obsession with tomorrow, but living today. I find it interesting and compelling that you use the word “remember” when talking about the future. That is wonderful! It is something that I think many of the Psalmists do.

Comment by pastorofdisaster


thanks, just for the record, i am not a dispensationalist either. i was merely trying to bring balance to our perspective.


Comment by PB and J

Yes, but from my prayer I sounded like one (which I used to be).

Comment by pastorofdisaster


Comment by PB and J

Obviously you have not been to this site:

Only one question for you PoD. Is this a great Christian site, or the best Christian site ever?

Comment by agathos

I wish we’d all been ready.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

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