Shekinah Glory

Peace Be Still!


The evening was rapidly approaching and some of those who had climbed to the Hermitage in Big Sur were hiking down the one narrow road to stop at benches on its edges. The only bench left was one with a precarious view. An inch in front of its sturdy seat was a harrowing drop of about 1000 feet. Yet, its spectacular view was not to be missed. Straight below was the small town of Lucia. It was perched in front of a spectacular rock that sank down into the ocean’s swells. Then to the left were panoramic views of the Mountains as they reached down to touch the Pacific Ocean’s surf. If you could not feel the presence of the creator here, then there was a major problem.

There was a real major problem. I am terrified of heights. When I cautiously slid into the bench I was immediately aware that there was nothing between an open sky and me. Large and small birds flew at eye level and I was getting that sinking feeling that I was lurching over the cliff’s steep edge.

As I positioned myself on the other side of the road, my back nestled against pine needles and I could feel my heart pounding in rapid beat. What was I going to do? I had to drive down this same road the next day and I was beginning to get scared. If I were having the extreme feelings of vertigo, how would I make it around these hairpin turns? What if there was fog? Would I miss my flight in San Francisco? If I left earlier would there be any place for me to stay? That was when I noticed roadwork on the highway below. What if I got stuck in traffic? Then I began to worry about the church. What about all the things that needed to be done? How would I be able to get them done by taking this time off? I had worked my brain into a frenzy. I was actually pacing on the side of a mountain when a monk passed me and smiled. He looked peaceful and contemplative as he looked out over the view.

That was when I noticed something my busy mind had almost overlooked. Worry, fear and the future had crowded out the reason I had taken this evening hike in the first place. In front of me was a brilliant palate of orange bleeding into pink and then surrounded by yellow. It was the spectacular sunset over the Pacific Ocean. It was the whole reason that I had walked down the path that evening, and I almost missed it by busying my mind. Even in this isolated place I had allowed myself to be overtaken by the future. Work, fear and anxiety almost allowed me to miss the wonder of God’s creation. There was a blessing in front of me, but I could not see anything outside my mind.

We are busy creatures, but this may not be the pace that God wants from us. Do you have ears to hear? Christ may be commanding the storms in your life, “Peace be still!” Yet, we may be too addicted to the chaos swirling inside and outside our minds to notice that the storm has already calmed.

Picture by Suzanne Carey


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Good post.

Comment by WhoreChurch

Thanks for the perfect focus moment.
When You quote words that God has given, You bring Jesus light to a heart’s
soul Vision.

Comment by CSLP2121

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