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One More Go Around

Happy Birthday to Me!



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your deadpan expression gets me every time.


Comment by damewiggy

Happy Birthday to You Indeed.

Jesus wanted me to tell you He has a gift for you.

It’s a spiritual gift.

He created it just for you.

He thought about giving you the power to walk on water, but then you wouldn’t be able to take a bath.

So he decided to give you the power to walk on poo . No more poo shoe for you!

Try it out, I guarantee you’ll be surprised.

Comment by WhoreChurch

Also, you look like the guy from the Bare Naked Ladies, but I’ll bet you knew that already.

Comment by WhoreChurch

this is becoming a habit!
and notice the tags he has filed this picture under…
Happy Birthday!

Comment by krislinatin

Hope it’s a fabulous year!!!

Comment by tribalchurch

I enjoyed my Birthday, even if my feet are filled with poo.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

Happy Birthday to you …Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday dear Brian…your feet are filled with Poo!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend!!!!!!!

I LOVE the lamp in the backround…very 60’s.

Hope you had a fabulous day…and a wonderful vacation.

Good to see you back Brian!


P.S. You really should look for some sidework as a “hat model.”

Comment by ron

i looked at the pic, and entirely missed the caption

happy birthday!

(me doy)

Comment by damewiggy

I like Thich Nhat Hanh’s expression…”Happy Continuation Day!”
Cheers belatedly!

Comment by myinneredge

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