Shekinah Glory

My Wife’s Book is Out!


We are so excited. Congrats Carol. Calla and I are so proud of you!


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Congratulations to your wife! I can’t wait to see what headdress you will choose for the publication celebration.

Comment by HeIsSailing

Glad to see your wife finally came out.

It will do wonders for the church.

Comment by WhoreChurch

Congratulations and Blessings Carol!


I’ll look for you at Borders/Barnes&Noble book-signing. I’ll be first in line!

Be well,

P.S. Congrats to Brian and Calla too!

Comment by ron

I’ll be ordering it this week!

Comment by heartyheretic


Kevin shows you what a verbal slip can reveal.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

Congratulations to Carol and to you for the support I’m sure you provided. You are a wonderful couple, generous and always sharing so much of yourselves!
Warm Blessings,

Comment by myinneredge


Comment by pastorofdisaster


Sorry it took so long to post, for some reason your comment went to spam.


Comment by pastorofdisaster

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