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Book Marketing

My wife is now marketing her own book. So, I have been trying to come up with creative ways to get the word out. Here is what I think we should put on postcards.

Every time you buy Tribal Church an angel gets their wings!


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Most publishers send books to bloggers to review…you can arrange it with them. You know the kind of traffic I get – I’d love to review the book. Just let me know.

Comment by Adam

From across the room, at her laptop, Carol sez, “Tell him I will send it.”


Comment by pastorofdisaster

By the way, thanks for visiting my site Adam.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

My book on pomomusings? Of course! I’m all over it!

Thanks, Adam.

Comment by tribalchurch

According to my understanding, publishers seldom push a self syndicated publication, but perhaps Adam knows something I don’t. I’ve traditionally been bought and sold. I won’t expand on the sullen repercussions of that route. It’s generally understood.

I’ve purchased the book through Amazon, and had I not been familiar with your blogs, I probably wouldn’t have made the purchase. Not saying that the book’s not purchase worthy, but saying that marketing is one difficult endeavor. If you’re marketing on your own, then by all means, push any and every way you know how .. be it by offering complimentary issues to your local stores (book, grocery, novelty, you name it … i’m sure you’ve probably already done this) and of course, since you’re both swell writers … write, write and write about it. You have access to the info highway at your fingertips — use and abuse it. But hoofing it has grand benifits as well, particularly on a local level. Best wishes, of course, and I look forward to digging into it when it arrives.
Keep on keepin’ on!

Comment by damewiggy

Alban has done a fair amount of marketing for Carol. Her book has done quite well in the first month. It keeps selling out on Amazon. Thanks dame, I have been using the internet for some insurgent marketing. I really was only looking for another reason to sport my mug on the internet. Narcissism?


Comment by pastorofdisaster

i’m just wondering why you’re not on the cover in a full headdress and moccasins?

(sex sells)

oh, i’m so going to hell.

Comment by damewiggy

It would be too boring for the rest of us without you there.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

Great Dame,

Thanks for buying the book! I am definitely going to keep the headdress thing in mind…it would make a great sequel!

Comment by tribalchurch

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