Shekinah Glory

Tuesday Prayer


Holy One,

Fill this place with our abundant Shekinah glory.
Don’t make us wrestle you like Jacob,
demanding a blessing before letting you go!

Consume us with your signs and wonders
so that we might find a place of nourishment.
Your nourishment is like the river Pishon
that fed the garden planted by divine hands in Eden,
like the wadi at Kidron filling to hydrate a parched desert,
like the river Jordan that dissolved the leporous sores
devouring Namaan’s body
and from which Jesus ascended
to hear the words which we also long to hear
“This is my child, in whom I am well pleased.

From your well of living water
we wish a drink this day.
We desire to be filled, made whole
hand have our ravenous thirst satiated.
Just one drop of water from your gourd
will quench our thirst forever.


Photo by electricbluessound


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I just love it when you show your biceps.

Beautiful prayer. So poignant in this drought.

Comment by tribalchurch

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