Shekinah Glory

February 8, 2008, 8:44 pm
Filed under: Beauty, Christianity, Church, faith, God, Inspiration, Jesus, Prayer, Religion, Spirituality

I have been in Austin this last week so I have been neglecting my already neglected blog. I wrote this prayer while I was there. It is partially inspired by the wonderful tattoos on Ryan. I was also reading the Lenten prayers of Henri Nouwen.

Holy One,
Reality shifts between my feet
and I do not trust you to save me.
In your heart is the world’s compassion.
I scurry to acquaintances
and hope that my desperation
will not seep into conversation.
My expertise is not in
the voluminous trivia
in which I have crammed
into my brain,
but in creating dependences
on anything except you.
Pierce into my flesh
with the ink of
a permanent covenant,
one that I will surely abandon,
but which you will illumine,
candle in hand
for my fading eyes to re-read.
Let this tattoo be written
across the history of my life.

Thanks Ryan!


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Palabra tu Jesus!

Comment by Ryan Pappan

Very, very, very good. Thanks.

Comment by david

Thanks David!

Comment by pastorofdisaster

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