Shekinah Glory

Tuesday Prayer


Does suffering make us human?
From the earliest garden
from which we were expelled
we knew the taste of paradise.
So, now yearning for its return is misery.
There probably would be no suffering
if we had never experienced
what could be in our lives.

photo by cstevenson4


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Thank you Pastor. I dip into this well of paradise a little by meditating, it does me lots of good.

I just came across your blog and enjoy your writing. Can you please tell me why this page is named Shekina Glory? What is the Shekina to you?

Comment by amarilla

Shekinah Glory is the Hebrew understanding of the presence of God (it is not actually in the Old Testament). I always like the idea. It is sometimes considered to be a feminine representation of God’s spirit. Growing up in the holiness church it was a term that was used when someone was preaching in the Spirit.

Thanks for asking. I think you are the first to ask.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

What is the holiness church? I learned a little about the Shekinah. Do you think the Shekinah is similar to the spirit you pray to if you pray to Mary? Is she this womblike and dark world that protects us from the obliterating strength of the light of God? All that I’ve read has run together now, but I think I’m drawing my ideas from what Gershom Winkler wrote in Everyday Sacred. The book is about uncovering the shammanic roots within the Jewish tradition. As you can imagine, he has some detractors.

Comment by Amarilla


Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I have had late night meetings. The holiness church is a certain strain of revival churches that believe in the second filling of the Holy Spirit. They believe in the Spirit’s miraculous presence mainly in faith healing. It was a type of church that I grew up in and have moved far away from. Yet, I haven’t fully rejected the idea of the spirit’s presence. I just look at it in a very different way.

I am not as familiar with Gershom Winkler’s work. I do know that some people believe that Shekinah represents Yahweh’s consort. So that might be the direction that Winkler is going.

A lot of people in the African American church also value the idea of Shekinah Glory.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

Thank you. Happy Leap Day.

Now I’m wondering what the second filling of the Holy Spirit is. But I think I’ve bugged you enough, so if you have other things to get to don’t worry about it…I’ll do some surfin’

Comment by amarilla

Interesting thoughts in this prayer. Not sure that I agree that we suffer because of what we once had and that we yearn to return … hmmm.

Comment by tobeme


I understand where you are coming from. Yet, doesn’t suffering often involve loss? I am not sure that yearning and reality will ever be the same thing. Your response has made me think though. I have been helping others and myself deal with the loss of a 4 year old over the last couple of weeks. So, that is sort of the context of those thoughts.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

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