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Bruce is My Moderator!
June 22, 2008, 2:30 pm
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After a lot of hard work Bruce Reyes-Chow has become the moderator of the General Assembly. For those of you in my church that is why I traveled all the way to San Jose. Those of us who worked Bruce’s booth are exhausted and excited. Bruce has so many obvious talents to lend to the church. As someone that often feels that he is limning the borders of his church I have been encouraged by his openness and transparency. There is something happening in the church and I can only assume it is the Spirit. Pray for Bruce and the church as it copes with change.

I miss everyone back in D.C. (I am too much of a homeboy). I will be out here until thursday. On my to do list are visiting the worlds largest flea market, stopping at the goodwill I keep passing and maybe getting up the courage to go to the tattoo/piercing shop near the convention center. Pray for me. I’m tired and a little punchy.



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It was cool to see you on the platform with Bruce. I am so excited that Bruce has been called to serve the church as moderator. Enjoy the GA!

Comment by ryan

But are you after a piercing or a tattoo?

Comment by RobMonroe


Piercing, but I couldn’t find the place yesterday. I did get to eat lunch with a homeless man and preach at him (he asked me to when he found out I was a pastor).


It has been an interesting piece of education. I have enjoyed seeing Mere here. We both wish you were here.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

Did your holes close up?

Missing you…

Comment by tribalchurch

I think so! I just wanted to be like Bruce, cuz he so cool.

I miss you too.

Comment by Brian

So, now you’re into piercing and tattoo. Do we get to see it? If I were there I would spend much more time at the flea market and Goodwill. But that’s OK. Have a good relaxing time off. I don’t know Bruce but I will pray for him. I missed you on Sunday. It was a small congregation which helped Mary and me with the counting. We finished before 1 PM. We have only one more Sunday to finish. By the way, you will be back for the July 4th parade — maybe you can show off your tattoo if it’s a patriotic design. See you on Dunday

Comment by May Ishimoto


No tattoo or piercing. I am just my same old boring self.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

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