Shekinah Glory

New Poem
February 27, 2009, 5:26 pm
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Like a tattered letter
with worn and re-worn creases
I have opened this morning
one thousand days
to read the story
written in every line
etched carefully across your face.
Some mornings it is joy
while others are mystery,
its shifting lines contain
just as many peels of laughter
than deep heaving cries.
It is too fragile and precious
so just as carefully
I refold its ancient page
to preserve for one more day.


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It’s beautiful. One of your best.

Comment by Carol Howard Merritt


Comment by Rebecca

The idea of this poem is nice, the visual effect as well, the romance well delivered but I think that the syntax can be improved. There are some hard expressions that stop from the flow of the poem: “mornings it is joy”, “just as many peels of laughter/ than deep heaving cries”, “so just as carefully”.

Hope you don’t mind!


Comment by phantasrealismus

Your poem is lovely. I like the word choice of “peels” vs. the usual “peals”–it fits the idea of layers of pages so well.

Comment by las4poems


Thanks. Since it is a rough draft I will definitely go back with your wonderful suggestions.

Rebbecca & las4poems~



You know you are my muse

Comment by pastorofdisaster

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