Shekinah Glory

Maundy Thursday Homily
April 12, 2009, 2:10 am
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“Then wash my whole body!” Peter pleads with Christ as he does the audacious task of washing his students feet.

“Please do it all, transform me, all of me! Make me a new person!” This is too often how I feel when I think of Jesus. Why can’t he make everything all right? I want my sadness, disappointment, anger, pettiness, resentments, jealousy, pain, anguish, arrogance, low self opinion and hurt to immediately go away. Yet, we are presented with a human in Jesus Christ. He does not claim that even washing feet will miraculously fix the corns on anyone’s toes, but that he will serve to make their feet clean for that moment.

What an amazing example Christ has shown us in this one act. He turns our entire culture on its head. In one act by Christ we have an example that turns our lives as passive consumers upside down.

In a culture where we are all critics. We all have access to an American Idol vote, a, a and sermon evaluations. In our culture we all feel empowered to rate everything on its performance, how it makes us feel, its entertainment value, its convenience, whether it is family friendly and its fit. In this system Jesus would not score very high. He is doing something he ought not to do as a teacher and a leader he is showing vulnerability. Plus, instead of offering us everything, cleaning us from head to toe he offers an example of service to others.

So, often I am filled with questions from people when it comes to serving and helping others. “What if they are scamming us?” “What good does it do?” “Is this this most effective way of helping people?” “This enables people to not take responsibility for their own lives” I am sure that these are all valid concerns for people trying to protect their time and money, but for those of us attempting to follow Christ’s example we do not have the luxury and extravagance of flagging in doing good for others. Most of us who spend our lives helping others are neither naive or ignorant to the world, but are unwilling to let a Lou Dobb’s type of xenophobia influence our ability to serve others.

“Wash my whole body!” we cry and are handed a towel after our teacher has loving washed our feet. We have a lot of work to do. Let’s get to it.


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