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Resolution to the 219 General Assembly of the PC (U.S.A.)
June 17, 2009, 12:49 pm
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Resolution to the 219 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

From the Presbytery of Silly Walks in the Pines


1. That the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America dissolve $500,000 in assets to buy 166 houses within inner city Detroit. With the remaining money we will set up a reconstruction, affordable housing ministry. Utilizing the same volunteer power that is evident in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. Once the houses have been rehabbed we will give them as affordable housing units. We will call this program the Jean Calvin 500th Birthday Home Makeover Giveaway.

2. That the PC (U.S.A.) encourage its churches, presbyteries and Synods with assets, foundations and endowments in unrestricted funds to give away to the poor 10% of the principal of their investments.

3. That the GA, Synods, Presbyteries and churches encourage Presbyterian millionaires and billionaires to only retain a net worth of $5,000,0000 and to give the remaining money to the poor.

4. That 10% from the principal of the top 3 endowments from our seminaries seminaries be redistributed to the seminaries with the least endowments.


-Whereas the economy is at its worst point since the great depression.

-Whereas the advice on church related and individual assets have mostly stemmed from advice that has originated from the same business, investment and banking community that have brought our economy such ruin.

-Whereas there are at least 200 pages on of houses in the Detroit region under $1,500 and Detroit has suffered greatly from this economic trauma.

-Whereas at least 166 houses in the most depressed areas of Detroit could be purchased for under $200,000 in capital, the general amount that a mortgage of a house might cost in another region of the country.

-Whereas the rehabilitation of 166 houses in the worst area for affordable housing might begin for society to see that as a denomination we value the people who are in the most vulnerable areas of our society.

-Whereas the Bible and Jesus encourages us to hold up justice, equity and redistribution of our assets to the poor and widows.

-Whereas it was just the 500th birthday of John Calvin.

-Whereas if we are a shrinking and dying denomination let us not hold tightly to assets, making them represent life. We can let go of those things that we thought to be essential for something that is closer to bringing about the Kingdom of God.


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I Rev. Ryan Kemp-Pappan support and affirm this recommendation.

Comment by ryan

Bless you brother Ryan. Halle, Halle….

Comment by pastorofdisaster

Great thinking —-

Comment by VBG

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