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November 20, 2009, 12:59 am
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Liturgy For Salvation and Thanksgiving

(While liturgy is being read someone should be showing pictures on screen to illustrate the text and a person with a guitar should be playing).

Opening Scripture Psalm 68

Hear me, Lord, for your mercy is good;
In accordance with the multitude
of your compassions look on me.
And do not hide your face from your servant;
Because I am afflicted, hear me quickly.
Come near to my soul and redeem it;
On account of my enemies deliver me:
Your salvation, God, has protected me.

Opening Prayer

Holy One,
We have deteriorated
Toward evil for too long.
Why have we ignored infirmities
Hidden deep within our society?
They are the parasitic cancers
Which liquefy our form,
eating away at our very core.
The talons of this virus
Have squeezed away our breath,
Taking our courage for being.
We know that evil is not a substance
But a defect of good,
A wound or privation of good .
Broken, disrupted and disintegrated
We are a people split
From health and wholeness .
Yet, our weaknesses bring you no alarm.
For Christ came to fulfill the prophecy.
To save his people
From their sins .
He came for those who are sick
Because the healthy
Have no need of physicians .
It is his strength that is made perfect
In our weakness .
Why have we not changed,
Moved closer to your salvation?
Our paralysis stems from fear
Fear of what grows inside us
That might someday outpace us
Fear of dwindling returns into nothing,
Fear that one by one our communities
Will ebb into historical documents
Fear that the damage is too extreme
To save what you have given us to keep.
Yet, when all seems hopeless we know
You have not left us alone without grace!
Salvation embraces all human reality,
Transforms it, and leads it
And its fullness into Christ.

Movement for Wholeness of Individuals

Without knowledge of self
There is no knowledge of God .
Lord, how do we know ourselves
Except to see through dark glasses ?
Still we come to Christ for healing.
Leprous , drunk , raving in cemeteries ,
Carried on mats , caught in promiscuous sex ,
Blind Bleeding from unstoppable periods
We still come to be made whole.
There is great hope in seeking health.
Whether we dip in water,
Have the spit of the teacher in our eyes
Or having our demons
Thrown into pigs
We know that if we were but touched
We would be restored again.
What we lack in belief
We make up for in weak faith.
In return we hold that your grace
Is sufficient for our needs.
We seek to be made living
To be made fully alive
By growing in holiness
And sanctifying our lives.
Breath into us the breath of life.
It is your fidelity to us
Is what gives us courage
To be true to ourselves.

(at this point individuals who desire healing may come forward for anointing with oil and laying on of hands).

Movement for Wholeness of Community

We are not alone
And our path to salvation
Is not solitary;
We are members
Of the Body of Christ
We share the fate
Of our brothers and sisters in Christ
We are justified by the righteousness
And bear responsibility
For the sin of the sinners .
If one member suffers
All the members suffer,
Or if one member is honored
All the members are honored
Yet, often we are divided kingdoms
Crumbling and falling into obscurity
We are devoured by each other
While sharpening our teeth
On each other’s bones.
Instead of entertaining angels,
By sharing everything as others have needs
Or working toward communities
Where each works their share
We attempt to horde
Our treasures here on earth.
If we are thinking beings,
We must regard other life
With equal reverence
To our own.
We see what is evil
Is what annihilates, hampers or hinders life.
By the same token goodness
Is the saving or helping life.

(At this point Offering will be taken with benevolence envelopes)

Movement for Wholeness of Creation

Though rulers may ignore us,
Authorities may deny our worth,
Those in power of the dark worlds
May shut us from their corridors,
And even if spiritual forces
From heavenly realms
Bind and hobble our paths
We do not serve them.
We are still your faithful servants
And you are in control
The sovereign of heaven and earth.
It is our earth that we
Only think we understand intimately.
We know we’re here to learn
The earth by heart
And everything is crying
Mind me, mind me, mind me.
Your judgment of creation:
“It is good!”
Still it is hard to tell whether
We are trying to love creation
As much as our creator.
Is not our wish for this creation
To remain alive
Much greater than our wish
That we remain alive?
Fat pastors speak of the end of the world
When what’s approaching is the end of exploitation
Hysteric prophets speak of deciding between good and evil
When the people need to decide
Against oppression and hunger.
All life is interrelated.
We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality,
Tied into a single garment of destiny.
Therefore whatever affects one
Directly affects all indirectly.
We pray for a new heaven
And a new earth
That will wipe away the damage
We have wrought upon them.

Movement Toward Thanksgiving For All God Has Done

(Video will play with “Just Found Me” by Rance Allen Trio)


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Is cool. I’d flip the words “self” and “God” in the Movement for Wholeness of Individuals bit, but that’s probably just Merton’s influence. Good stuff.

Comment by Beloved Spear

Thanks. It is still pretty rough. I put it up after a discussion on twitter. I have two whole sections to write and finish the creation section. Then I will get to the real editing. Too bad I only have a week and half to do it.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

Actually that is Calvin’s influence. I am almost ashamed to admit.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

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