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Confirmation Video #1
November 22, 2009, 1:38 am
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1. Match the story with the picture
2. Find the Biblical passage for the story
3. Write brief description for ten of the Biblical stories (1 paragraph)

Here are the stories:

The Woman at the Well
Daniel and the Lion’s Den
The Woman and the Dragon
Jonah and the Whale
John the Baptist Preaching
Job’s Loses Everything
Adam and Eve
Stoning of Stephen
Tower of Babel
I Stand At the Door and Knock
Birth of Jesus
The Crucifixion
Expulsion from Paradise
Jesus as a Child in the Temple
David Slays Goliath
Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem
Saul’s Conversion
Elijah Taken in a Fiery Chariot
Ten Commandments
The Good Shepherd
Jesus in the Garden
Samuel Presented at the Temple
The Resurrection
Jacob’s Dream
Doubting Thomas
Noah’s Rainbow Covenant
Mary with Baby Jesus
Abraham sacrifices Isaac
Peter’s Vision
Jesus Taken from the Cross
Queen Esther
Cain and Able’s sacrifice
Jesus’ Arrest
David Plays Harp For Saul
Jesus Baptism
The Final Judgement
The Flood
The Ascension of Jesus
Lot Flees with Family
Three Men in a Furnace
Moses in the Bullrush
The Mount of Olives
Parting of the Red Sea
Paul’s Shipwreck
No Room at the Inn
Golden Calf
The Prodigal Son
Lazarus Resurrection
The Transfiguration
Ruth in the Field
The Last Supper
Elijah and the Ravens
Mary and Martha


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