Shekinah Glory

Prayer I Wrote This Morning
December 18, 2009, 2:45 pm
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We are called to see you again
In more than a book.
It is there that we go
To enter a labyrinth
But are freed again
By every new revelation
That you give to us by grace.
Holy books are only as good
As their ability to make us search
Inwardly and change outwardly.
Pride in resolute surety
Is our most dangerous sin.
It is a belief that faith is concrete,
Unmoving and beyond God’s control.
God is freedom,
I am who I am,
Free to speak through an ass,
Proclaim good news through adulterers,
Save people outside the covenant,
Eat gluttonously with drunks,
Break Sabbath laws.
In glorious freedom
We throw off the shackles of law
We throw off the rules of tradition,
We throw off the rules of manners
We throw off the arbitrary rules of others.
Though some may sneer
They are entombed by rules
Limited in their glimpses of the divine.
We have hope in God’s freedom
Freedom from sin,
Freedom from abuse,
Freedom from genetics,
Freedom from madness,
Freedom from addictions,
Freedom from obsessions,
Freedom from religion,
Freedom from narcissism
Freedom from nihilism.
It is freedom that we crave
And it is freedom that we fear.
Free us again oh Lord.


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nothing more to say but – AMEN.

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