Shekinah Glory

My Presbyterian Prayer
January 9, 2010, 2:05 am
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Holy One,

Give us knowledge of our errors
So that we might grow into
The church that might
Once again proclaim salvation.
Help us not to cower in fear
Sheltering our anger,
Nurturing distrust
And creating special treatment
for a certain class in fellowship.
Hearer of our songs
Begin within us creativity
That never merely maintains
Our worship of what is divine
And preserve a truth
That burns away tradition,
Reminding us that you
Speak in a new voice
Every day of our lives.
When the fingers weigh down
The scales against the poor
And innocents become victims
Help us to preserve righteousness
In an unbalanced society
So that we might exhibit
The fragrance of your kingdom
In a world of decay and death.

Forgive us Lord
When being an educated church
Means surrounding ourselves
With the educated
Instead of educating.
Forgive us for our enculturation
Of indigenous groups
Instead of understanding
How they show us your mercy.
Forgive us Lord
For denying Latinos votes
In our Presbyteries
And for years not helping provide
Them with communion.
Forgive us Lord
For making students
Of different nationalities
Sit separate from Caucasians
In our seminaries.
Forgive us Lord
For Seminary Presidents
Who perpetrated interpretations
That made blacks less than human.
Forgive us Lord
For excluding women
From fair access to jobs
And equal pay for equal work
In our parishes.

Holy Spirit,
Turn us away from our safe pews
And turn us toward
Walmarts, truck stops, and prisons
Help us to journey
Over tracks and under interstates
Into states governments have abandoned.
Help us to leave our pride behind
So that we might be a servant
To the single mother,
The heroin addict,
The deviant,
The thief
And the murderer.
We know that it is only when they are free
We will taste freedom and mercy.

Lord hear our prayers.


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yes. we need this prayer.

Comment by suzi w.

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