Shekinah Glory

A Poem Written Over Two Days
January 16, 2010, 7:08 pm
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How can I un/imagine you?
Bring you back to the depth
From which I conjured unholy
Memories and obstinate grief?
So you are here antichrist, thief,
Blasphemer of innocence!
Carry me away from your lair
Where sharpened knives
Are found in children’s hands
Thrusting outward in jest,
Drunken men drop silver dollars
From dangling arms
Stretched like a loose canvas
Over plump cushions,
Half crazed carni workers
Roam outside with guns
Muttering how you screwed their wife
And ruined an already
Pock marked and lacerated life.
Still I stumble through piles
Of watches, noisemakers and spoons
Attempting to make a path
Amongst the rubbish
That is no longer arm’s length
From the couch’s crease.
When you remove your shirt
I see the scars lashed across it
From tangles with barbed wire,
Sturdy walls and violent fights.
There are hives down your arms
shaking more pills toward your mouth.
I would try to leave,
But I am too comfortable here,
Yet I know I must let it go.


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