Shekinah Glory

Sunday’s Prayer of the People
February 12, 2010, 7:10 pm
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Holy One,
Your Spirit is crazed,
it makes us insane.
No therapist can tame
its erratic movement.
Since the veil has been
taken from our faces
the Spirit has caused
foolish and joyful bursts.
The Spirit’s meanderings
have found David
dancing under windowsills,
hurled Jesus to the wilderness
without food or drink,
caused wise church leaders
to tell Paul not to preach
and it impregnates virgins.
It seems that when
the Spirit arrives
we must always remind people
that it is too early
for the consumption of alcohol.
Fire, strange foreign tongues
and the healing of the sick
are the insanity of your Spirit.
Is the renewal of a right Spirit
within us amazingly bizarre?
Does it nail my feet
Where my head should be?
Yet, we look more and more
like the Baptizer,
crying in the wilderness,
exhorting good works
in the name of Jesus Christ.
Come, Spirit, Come.


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