Shekinah Glory

Sermon Illustration
November 7, 2010, 7:15 pm
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There is a story that I love and you may have heard it. There were two Buddhist monks walking by the side of a river. One was an elderly monk whom was a teacher and was known for his impeccable wisdom. The other was a new monk whom was accompanying the elderly monk to learn from his great learning and wisdom about the ways of the Buddha. As they walked together along the river bank they emptied their minds in silent walking meditation.

The silence was broken by quite a commotion coming from the center of the river. As they neared the point of all the commotion they peered upon a woman whom had fallen from her boat into and was struggling to keep her head above the slowly moving in current.

The young monk, knowing it was not permitted for him to touch a woman, silently kept to his meditation. To his surprise the elderly monk threw off his robes, jumped into the water and pulled the woman to the bank. Laying her breathing on the bank of the river he put back on his robes and continued walking in silence.

The young monk tried to return to his previous state of mediation, but found his mind too agitated to continue. Finally, after sometime he could keep silent no longer.

“Father I was wondering something,” he said with obvious concern.

“Yes son, what is it,” the old monk said with serenity.

“I noticed that back their you broke your vows by jumping in the water and touching that woman. How could you do that?”

The old monk smiled and replied, “You are still with that woman, I let her go a mile ago.”


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