Shekinah Glory

What Love is Not
December 25, 2010, 11:42 pm
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We breath
instead of read life
across crisp pages
of business manuals.
Our rules of success
are now suspended
frozen when entropy
strengthens into
full ranges of motion.
Sometimes mysterious,
sometimes natural
love grows.
At one hundred percent
it cannot be maintained
and love’s beat stops
stops with our heart.
At some point
the finitude
of any given emotion
will clash radical
with the ideals
of our best thoughts.


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This is a good example of what I meant commenting on the poem about wonder. Things like:

“and love’s beat stops
stops with our heart.”

“will clash radical
with the ideals”

break up the sentence progression and give them a non-sentence structure that can only be read as a poem. Again, this is just a style issue that you may not share – just a thing that comes up for me, both in writing and reading.

Comment by Doug

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