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This Morning’s Prayer
January 24, 2011, 1:02 pm
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Holy One,

We are people who have amnesia.
During abundant goodness
knowing you to be near
we flippantly praise your name.
It is when we suffer that we seek,
Our marginal contact helps little
In our painful moments.
When we hope to see a gentle touch
Only to find that our connection
Has grown frayed and cloudy.
We rage and blame the one
Who cannot be magically conjured
And who is shy to show
Except in the celebration of life.
Is it right for us to denote your absence?
Should we pathetically pine away,
Or get on with living
And the practice of faith
Until we might see you again?


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May we be children of God that seek to make Him soveriegn over every moment in our lives. In the present moment finding God and glorifying Him through our obedience.

A beautiful prayer…an important reminder to reorganize our focus and remember to focus on God..not only in the bad times, but always.

Comment by Jessica Mokrzycki

Thank you Jessica.

Comment by pastorofdisaster


Comment by Lia

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