Shekinah Glory

Easter Table Talk
March 30, 2011, 3:21 am
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European theologian Johann’s Baptiste Metz aptly points out, “God’s grace does not cause estrangement and excess, as sin does. It reveals the full depth of our destiny…which we could not have managed on our own.” This is the central promise of the new life that comes with resurrections.
We see it in nature when the Forsythia heralds the new dawn of life and the Cherry Blossoms burst with pink into the air. During those winter months their shells only showed the potentiality of their full form. Now we are just beginning to see the life that they are capable.

We are much the same. We wander these 40 days of self-reflection hoping that we will have an act of revelation, God revealing the divine in our lives and the world around us. We realize that this potentiality has been within us all along. We are merely the beginning of life that is still being revealed through our life and breath in our world.

New life, life eternal, born anew and resurrection are our peculiar goals this season of hope. I like to think that we are moving toward seeing and feeling the world with the same eyes that God has through our growth in faith. The Japanese Christian Toyohiko Kagawa reminds us that, “Those who have received the Holy Spirit come to have the feelings of God.”

So, it is my hope that this season you will find a rebirth of faith. We hope to cultivate that new birth in this community of faith this season. We will be holding special services on both Good Friday and Easter. We hope that you can celebrate with us the leaving behind of the old and the putting on of a new self for the betterment of our world.


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