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#unco11 vs. Mothra
May 22, 2011, 12:20 pm
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After returning from #unco11 the most audible noises from Carol and I were grunts and snores. In a good way we were so completely drained of piss and vinegar all that was left was gratitude. How does one describe something that had spontaneous dancing in worship, Ton ton sleeping bags, 3 a.m. conversations, smoke breaks with friends, positive, actionable dreams about the church’s future, spiritual direction, good food, new trajectories for #mercypercolator, exciting movie previews for @liturgylink and the essential participation of children. I feel overwhelmed that a frustration I felt attending to leader driven conferences with no long term change is accomplished turned into such a positive group of friends who crave to use their creativity in making a difference in each other’s and the church’s life. As a liberationist professor once said to me at seminary, “You are paying a lot of money to be around each other.” We are the experts we need. We don’t need permission from church’s and institutions to start the positive changes that we want if we support each other in mutuality and real love.

As much as I am interested in movements and bold declarations of radical change in the end what really excites me is the ever expanding circle of positive relationships that I make each unco. It is my hope that we will continue to generate, cultivate and foster the relationships that are life-giving and sustaining in this difficult history of ministry. As Ryan reminds me, “If we try to control what God is doing we will kill it.”

I hope that others feel the positive grace that I have surrounding my little area of God’s church. I thank you. We tried to provide a space for you to enrich and through the Spirit you delivered more than any of us ever expected.

Especially thanks to Chris, Carol, Ryan and Meredith for working around my crazy. You are good friends and the true reason for this being so positive. I love you all.


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