Shekinah Glory

Prayer I Wrote During Planning For The People’s Prayer Breakfast
February 3, 2012, 1:46 pm
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My God, My God
Why have we forsaken you?
When your goodness surrounds us,
And your children could be our hedge
against the despair and depression
we feel in the world around us.
What have we left them here
but distraction and waste?
Can these plastic bottles speak,
do they give them life?
Will the illusions we create
fade away and leave them empty?

Looking to the stars
we peer beyond ourselves,
knowing that our answers
lie far beyond us.
There is more to be seen
than with the naked eye.
When we rest in wonder
sanctify our thoughts,
glorify the emptiness in time.

We can only do this
by our pleasure in you.
This chest that beats out
the life we consume
is not the extent of our full worth
and there is much more
to life than counting
each beat of finite time.

To all that we abandon
our memories trouble us.
They have been left orphans
to our weakness and pride.
Our repentance turns us
to remembrance of false idols
created to distract us
from our responsibilities.
Help us to turn from despair
and it’s paralyzing grip.
That we might create
magnificent monuments to your will.

We have lost too much
to gain so little.
Our grasp toward things
does not replace
our family, neighbor or community.
We have waited too long
to put our hand to on the plow,
waited for an invitation
to create the community
where dignity among equals reigns.

Out of the sadness of lost relations
we hope to forge laughter
and a sense of care.
Out of our anger
make the calm contentment of change.
If we are to have righteous indignation
point it toward injustice
and the salvation of the starving.

When we isolate ourselves
from each other reveal amongst us
the necessity of each human
so that we might find you in plain sight.
Every child is our ward,
every mother is our mother,
every father is our father,
and every grandparent our elder.
When they slide into despair
we must feel its effect to our bones
and their cries are mingled
amongst our hearty praise.

We covenant with you
and with our neighbor:

A rejection of power
over and above the powerless,
a rejection of capital
over and above our common wealth,
a rejection of possessions
over and above relationship,
a rejection of productivity
over and above wisdom,
a rejection of technology
over and against mutuality,
a rejection of punishment
over and above spiritual discipline,
a rejection of negating anyone’s humanity
in the name of country, individual pride or religious affiliation,
and a rejection of a society
that defines humanity solely on race, class, identity or status
over and above their acceptance by the divine.

May our friends see hope through us,
May our enemies find the peace we desire,
May our neighborhoods find justice and mercy,
May our nation uphold the dignity of all living creatures.

In your holy name


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Beautiful, sacred, convicting words. This covenant especially speaks to me now. I will be carrying this prayer with me in the days to come. Thank you for sharing your voice and your self with us, Brian. Peace be with you –

Comment by Jill mills

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