Shekinah Glory

Statement of Marriage from today’s Occuwedding
March 4, 2012, 1:10 am
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Marriage is a liturgical act that binds two people in a covenant with each other and celebrates their love, mercy, peace and hope that they intend to celebrate throughout their breathing hours with one another. I use the word liturgy because it is important for a ceremony like the one we are having this morning. Liturgy is the worship of the people. It is an agreement of the people in praise to covenant with each other and to make that agreement together with each other and with their God. Liturgy is a democratic act of the people and is the decision this morning that no matter what our faith we affirm that this love is acceptable in the sight of our God. Not only is it acceptable, but that when communities come together and affirm love, mercy, peace and hope it is extremely pleasing in the eyes of our God.

I strongly believe that your love for each other is only one part of the reason that we are celebrating today. Love gets you to the altar, but there are other transformative things that sustain a committed relationship through the long and treacherous terrain of existence. It is my firm belief that any sustaining relationship is about the completion of our humanity. It is the relationships that we have with each other that allow us to be the humans that we are intended to be in this world. Whether it is the lasting relationships that each of us has forged through our participation in occupy, the vital friendships that we nurture in life or the erotic love that we share with another human these are meant to make us whole as humans.

No less than Jesus himself states that his ministry on earth was to bring life and to give life in abundance. He did this by talking, touching and healing what was broken and making it whole. It is our hope that joining these two lives will intermingle passion, care and love, but also that it will bring about an ever increasing abundant life.

The greatest act of revolt in the face of an entrenched power maintaining control in a status quo through incrementalism, corruption, materialism, violence and fear is affirming that we gain our life through something greater than anything they could provide. That is what we celebrate today. There is no principality or power or ruler of darkness in this world that can shake our resolve to affirm the freedom that life brings. We will not be enticed by the shiny and mesmerizing talismans of power, money and greed. We come to celebrate life! We come to celebrate love! We come to celebrate Freedom!


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