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I am the Rev. Brian Merritt, the Senior Minister at The Palisades Community Church in Washington D.C.  A broadly ecumenical church, we have people from diverse faith traditions and a mulititude of life situations.  As one of the founders stated, “Let us have a church in which everybody will be welcome.  For all bring the best from our heritage and each group has much to offer in the the religious heritage of America.”  As our Spiritual Identity Vision Statement proclaims, “Our diversity is our unity!”

I am told that I should say that the comments contained on this blog are my own and do not represent the views of my Church.


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Hey Rev,

If farm boy transplanted to the CRC can learn to dance, so can a progressive anabaptipresbylopian.


Comment by firedancer

Yes, but it won’t be a pretty sight.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

thanks for stopping by Aedificium, Brian! I’ll be back here as well, as often as I can spare the time.


Comment by Benedict

Evenin’ Pastor,

Thanx for visiting my blog & adding your thoughts on what is a troubling subject for Christians. I’ve dropped by here before and will be back; I’ll even send some folk your way!


Comment by dangerouschristian

Hi Brian!

I like your books! I heard about your church from my friend.


Comment by tooth

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